A Garden, A Bush, An Awakening

Rev 22:17 The Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” And let him who hears say, “Come!”
Everywhere I turn in recent days there is a clear sound being released…that is the Sound of Awakening! I am truly overwhelmed as I sit to write this, my heart burning, and my ears overtaken by the Sound of the Spirit and the Bride crying out, “Come!”

True worship is a response to the Father. We can’t get so lost in the Presence of the Father that we don’t begin to tap into His heart for His Kingdom. The sound of awakening is the sound of the garden in Gen 3:8 when God came in the cool of the day and cried, “Adam where are you?” It’s the sound of Noah in Heb 11:7 as he responded to the Voice of God…built an Ark…and “warned of things not yet seen.” It’s the sound of a burning bush in Exodus 3 telling Moses to command Pharaoh, “let my people go!” It’s the sound of dry bones in Ezekiel 37 rattling, making noise, coming together to form an army! It’s the sound of the Old Testament Prophets leading up to John the Baptist…a voice…a sound in the wilderness in Matt 3: 1-12 saying, “make straight the way of the Lord!” It’s the sound of John 1 “when the Word became flesh”…the sound of angels proclaiming in Luke 2:14 “Glory to God in the Highest”. It’s the sound that goes out at midnight in Matt 25 that awakens the 10 virgins!!!! It’s the sound that awakens hearts and releases the Fear of the Lord! It’s the sound released to call forth a generation to turn from lesser lovers and burn for the ultimate lover of our Souls. JESUS! It leaves the hearer with a choice…life or death…blessing or cursing… I pray that we all begin to understand the importance of the hour in which we are living.

In Isaiah 6 we find angels called Seraphim. Seraphim means Burning One’s. These burning creatures spend eternity around the throne crying out, “Holy is the Lord the whole earth is filled with the Glory!”. First they worship and then they prophesy over the earth and at the sound of their voices the heavens shake. That shaking, friends, is the Sound of Awakening! What a stunning picture. Angels that burn as they live their lives gazing upon a Burning God (Deut 4:24). They spend their lives in worship before the throne, hearing a Voice and becoming a voice of awakening, “the whole earth is filled with Your Glory!!!!” A life spent in unadulterated worship equals a heart that is awakened to the mysteries of the Heart of the Father. The Sound of Awakening is the Spirit of God releasing His Voice over a generation to come forth! Awaken!!! It’s a call to live in obedience and respond with hearts that say, “Yes!”

Our heart as a ministry in this season is to call forth a generation of lovers to live a life of purity…To call a generation to hear a Voice and become a voice…and at the sound of their voices the foundations of this earth will shake and awaken hearts to the love of God! There is a Godbreed Rising! A breed of worshipers this earth has never seen. These worshipers will happily give their lives for the sake of the Gospel because they are fascinated! We are in the most amazing time in the history of mankind. This generation is wired to live for something bigger than them. They are ready and waiting to give their lives for a cause. This is the most passionate generation to ever walk the face of the earth. When they awaken to the raw love of God they will live their lives from the place of intimacy…not the hand of the Lord but the Face of God and they will shake the earth!

We are asking you to pray and consider partnering with us as we continue this journey. We know more than ever our mandate to this generation!!! Our hearts are burning to see a generation awaken to the Love of God and in turn shake their regions with the Glory of God. We have been seeing this in some degree already as we have toured up and down the east coast and even to the west coast this year as well as the UK, South Africa, Brazil. Our CD’s have literally made it all over the world. Our hearts are longing to be a father to the fatherless, a husband to the widow, eyes to the blind, feet to the lame, and to go to the darkest ends of the earth with the Sound of Awakening that reveals the Heart of God! Next week we leave for Brazil. I have strategic instructions as we go to call forth a Godbreed to arise and be a voice of Awakening! We literally will fly from one end of Brazil to the other- hearing a Voice and being a voice! Please pray about helping with this mandate. You can give a onetime offering or partner with us on a continuous basis. If you already partner with us would you consider telling others about us and commit to helping us increase our partnership giving? We are in a season that is ripe for Awakening. We want to be able to go where He tells us to go, from the smallest to the largest meetings. Your generous offerings allow us to do this. If you would desire to do this you can go to www.jasonleejones.com and click the donate button for a tax deductible offering.

We pray for you all constantly. This next season, we will be fasting and praying for our partners and their prayer requests specifically on Thursdays. We love to agree with you in prayer. Also, we are beginning an intercession team for our ministry specifically to pray for the ministry, our partners, prayer requests, direction for the ministry, and cover our meetings and travel as we are on the road. If you would like to join this team please send us an email. We would love to hear from you.

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