The Indian Ocean, A Front Porch, and Deep Thoughts

Ps 42:7 Deep calls unto deep at the noise (roar) of Your waterfalls; All Your waves and billows have washed over me.

As I am writing this I am sitting on a front porch overlooking the Indian Ocean in Umdloti, which is a suburb in Durban South Africa. I am seriously getting wrecked by the Beauty of God. All around me I am seeing the hunger of the South African people! I have linked arms with Sean Feucht, Burn 24-7, and local churches to tour South Africa and establish Burn centers…the heart of these centers are to host the Presence of God, see the water level rise in cities, and release the sound of Heaven!

We have been going non-stop from the moment we landed! Region after region…encounter after encounter…wave after glorious wave! Today our team had some free time and we went swimming in the Indian Ocean. It was CRAZY! The power of the waves was quite overwhelming. I am not a very strong swimmer but I couldn’t miss the opportunity to ride some waves. I would ride one and as soon as I would pop my head up there would be another one hitting me and taking me under and then one would come back the other way and pull me deeper. Only one other time have I been so overwhelmed like this. Last year in Puerto Rico I went snorkeling…what an amazing experience. Under the water there were so many amazing textures and colors. Before I knew it, I was just lost in this ‘otherworld’ submerged under water. The only thing I didn’t realize as I was lost in the wonder of it all was the under tow was taking me deeper and deeper…by the time I realized this, the pull was so strong I thought I wouldn’t make it back. The deeper I got the stronger the pull!!!! Today as I was swimming, Psalm 24:7 became so real to me. The Deeper we go the stronger the pull! SHOA! Deep calls out to Deep in the roar of His waters! There is a Roar in the Tabernacle of God calling us deeper! The closer we get the more our ears tune in to His Voice…the deeper we go the stronger the current. I say let’s catch the Wave and roll with it! Why not? There is another realm to partake in when we allow ourselves to get submerged!

I believe the Lord was showing me today that for South Africa there is a violent move of the Spirit coming WAVE AFTER WAVE! There have been incredible moves here, even recently, and incredible ministries here, but as soon as they come up from one there will be another. WAVE AFTER WAVE!!!! I just want to join the ride! HAHA. We have found ourselves singing this scripture time and time again, in meeting after meeting over this nation.

Please pray for us as we continue to join the church of South Africa and make a place of habitation for the Lover of our Souls! When I leave here, I’ll be back in the States traveling with the Richest of Fare Team, and then it’s off to Brazil. We are released to more nations now than ever before so our deepest gratitude for your continued prayers and support.

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