A Prostitute, A Kiss on the Forehead, and a Limitless Love

A Prostitute, A Kiss on the Forehead, and a Limitless Love

Rich with presence, heart pounding inside my chest, I stare out at a room full of people encountering the purifying Fire of God. Overwhelmed, I pause a moment to see what my next move should be…or if I should do anything at all.

My gaze suddenly turns to a Brazilian woman sitting on the front row with hands lifted and eyes pointed toward the Heavens.  I began declaring over her, as my translator repeats my words, “The Father says you are beautiful!” Her heart melts with love. She begins to weep uncontrollably.  Compelled, I countlessly repeat these words over and over.  Wave after wave, the Father’s love and compassion pours over this precious woman.

As the meeting closes and we go grab a bite to eat, the Pastor informs me that this particular woman prostituted her life for twenty years. My eyes immediately fill with tears, as I think of that Holy Moment. The moment when God, in front of an entire congregation of people, displayed His unconditional, undeniable love over who some would regard as unworthy.

Some years back, we received word that a close family friend was on her deathbed. I knew her for most of my life. Truly she was an amazing woman and dear to our hearts. In her younger years, she found herself living a very promiscuous lifestyle filled with drinking, drugs and eventually what led to adultery. Time after time her husband received her back, time after time she fell back into what seemed like a never-ending battle.

Eventually she regained control of her life, but only to find she had contracted AIDS. Fighting this for years, eventually we all found our selves visiting her in a hospital room. Putting up a strong fight, her eyes were tired, her skin hung lifeless on her bones. I was speechless. Her husband, whom she’d cheated on and left so many times, embraced her face, kissed her forehead, and declared, “I love you!” What a display of unconditional, undeniable love!

You may read these examples and think, ‘Wow! What touching stories!’ Let’s bring it closer to home, after all don’t we each have our own individual story? Both examples are pictures of people trying to fill a void in their hearts. By no means am I making excuses for sin, but looking beyond the acts of the flesh and into the heart. I’m looking into a heart that’s empty and longing for intimacy, an intimacy that was lost as sin entered and brought a separation from a Holy God.

Reminded of Jesus’ encounter with the woman at the well recently in a meeting with Randall Worley, my eyes opened to a whole new view of this scripture, provoking me to dive in deeper and find the hidden manna. As you walk through the scriptures, many times when a man encountered a woman at a well, he found his bride.

Here, a prophetic picture, Jesus encounters His Bride, the Church, at a well. This woman had five husbands, yet the one she was with at present was not her husband. She had come to the well at the sixth hour, six being the number of man in his limited state. She had come alone at that hour to avoid the criticism and mocking of the other ladies. To her surprise she encountered the Husband she had been searching for all along.

This encounter led her to realize the depravity of her life. She was tapped. She was at her limit. Then came the invitation from Jesus, her messiah. to drink from a well who’s depths are unsearchable.  This lady at the well is most definitely a picture of all of us at some point in our lives. If we were brutally honest, we would come to the place to admit our own spiritual depravity and even adultery. Let’s go to our own well, if you will, and instead meet with Jesus, the answer to the deep chasm  in our hearts. His Love is LIMITLESS.

Jesus came to the well first and waited her arrival. He took the initiative.  God has always taken the fist step. He came to the garden and cried, “Adam where are you?” He came from Heaven to earth to seek and to save! His Love knows no limits!

Here I sit in Florianopolis Brazil amazed in thought today, as I ponder these stories and know God’s perfect love knows no boundaries. It bursts forth from the heart of the Ancient One and breaks through boundaries of time and space to meet us where we are today! Let us examine our own hearts and allow His Word to come and divide the soul from the spirit, locating the deep needs for His Grace. He responds to the willing heart, “You will never thirst again!”


3 thoughts on “A Prostitute, A Kiss on the Forehead, and a Limitless Love”

  1. Awesome Jason. It is intriguing to me that you had this particular recent encounter as I always thought you had such a connection and immediacy when sharing about the one who washed Jesus feet and dried them with her hair, brought the alabaster box. This was and still is one of my favorite things to hear you talk about. Seems to me that this was a real life occurrence in this case. Interesting info too about the well being a place to meet a bride. Thought provoking and real. Love it and you bro.

  2. So powerful to hear the whispers of the Lord in your writings.
    I felt like i was there with you in Brazil and as i read i could feel the Lord touching me in my own tender places, addressing my insecurities about who i am and how He sees me. Thank you for posting.

  3. AMAZING!! i’ve been pondering a lot on the love of God lately and reading this kind of solidifies some things that i was thinking. THANK YOU

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