A Demon, A Sound, and A Sword

A Demon, A Sound, and A Sword

Outside in the middle of the sweltering Amazon, little creature comforts around, I found myself standing amidst a multitude of hungry Brazilians, all gathering for Dancando no Fogo” (Dancing on Fire). The smell of sweat seemingly being sucked in with every breath, void of any personal space, I began praying for what ended up being at least 1,400 people that night.

My hands moved forward to touch a woman’s forehead. All the while, her screams horrifyingly echoed a sound of hatred, a sound of evil, a sound of disgust, one personally never heard before. Suddenly, chaos erupted! With one vengeant leap, both of her hands flew toward my throat, accompanied by the shrilling threat, “Eu vou te matar!” (I’m going to kill you).

Completely overwhelmed with the love of God, I immediately and instinctively looked back at her and replied, “No you won’t…now come out of her in the Name of Jesus!” Surprised at my response, I absolutely was not afraid!  This precious woman needed to be free. She, personally, was not trying to kill me, but a torturing force within her wanted me dead.

Staying with her until we felt she was free, we then moved on to countless other people manifesting demons. One beautiful young lady looked at me with a blank, desolate stare and declared, “Eu nao gostu perder!” (I don’t like to lose!). Placing my hands on her forehead with altar workers gathered around, we cast the demon right out of her! Seeing each and every one of those precious people set free was positively breathtaking!

Time after time, along our journey this past year, we’ve experienced many instances, where things like this literally take place in our meetings.  Last July, in Sao Luis, Brazil, we began to sing the “Sound of Awakening”. The Pastor told me as we began, to release this sound.  With great intensity the Glory came, people began to be delivered, throwing themselves on the ground, etc…and getting up free, all during worship, just as we released the sound! And last week, as we began to worship, people from the street ran to the front door of the church and began kicking, screaming, and cursing the Pastor.  Even home in the USA, although usually more hidden, we continue to experience major deliverances as well.

We are called to release a sound, a sound of awakening. Throughout the Old Testament, the Sound of God confronted darkness (2 Chronicles 20, Psalm 149, Psalms 89:14-15, Isaiah 42:13). Repeatedly God used the worshipers to defeat the enemy.  In I Samuel 18:10, David played and an evil spirit left King Saul.

In the New Testament, Jesus’ mere presence provoked the enemy. It confronted the religious and eradicated darkness! He was the Word of God made flesh (John 1), and He became the Sound of Heaven in the earth!  People came to His meetings to hear and be healed. In Luke 8: 26-39, Jesus confronted the mad man of the Gadarenes and cast a legion of demons into a group of swine!  This sound of Jesus brings a sword. In Matthew 10:34, He Himself states that He came to bring a sword.  Hebrews 4:12 tells us the Word of God is quick and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword!

We are called to be a sound, His Sound, The Sound of Awakening! Every time we sing of the knowledge of God and minster on our instruments from a place of revelation, the Sword of the Word of God releases and brings about great manifestations of healing, deliverance, and salvation! Thank God that this happens! We are releasing the Government of Heaven on the earth, and that is what it’s all about!

In His Fire,


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