A Bonfire, A Sound, and an Intense Desire

A Bonfire, A Sound, and an Intense Desire

Enticed by an invitation. Drawn by a warmth, a light. Mesmerized by a dance of color, the eye catching every flicker. Senses deeply fascinated and intrigued by its mystery. Fire, dangerous yet divine, comforting yet fearful, consuming all it encounters. Demanding respect and awe, it kindles and kills, yet beckons every time.

Recently moving to Savannah, Georgia and blessed with a huge back yard, perfect for bon fires, we had some people over and built a beautiful fire. It wasn’t long before every person made their way and gathered around this phenomenon that compelled all. Eventually going inside to clean up a bit, the fire caught my eye from a distance; it called to me. Making my way back to the fire, I was astonished as all those gathered were worshiping Jesus. From the place of the fire came a sound that released the love of Jesus and consumed every fiber of my being. I was raptured.

No wonder Moses had to “turn aside to see.”  The fire beckoned! It called to him! It touched his senses on such a dimension he stopped his agenda and was drawn to its call. Just imagine that moment! Moses drawing near, realizing he was on Holy ground. I love his response! Taking off his sandals, stripping himself of his former walk, he steps closer. OHHHH!!! Closer to the flame!!! This fire was unlike any Moses had ever encountered. It was alive. It was God Himself! A manifestation of the Presence of God, Divinity releasing destiny. A Theophany! And it called to him, “Moses!” And It calls to US today!

Yes! The Fire beckons today! It calls to our deepest desire, consuming all that keeps us from drawing near. It demands our attention! God is Fire! His Fire is His intense desire in manifestation. From the fire comes a sound, the sound of God’s jealousy for our heart. It’s the sound of the very heart of Heaven for His children to “turn aside.” Turn aside from every distraction, from every sin that easily besets us, and take off our sandals, leaving the old walk and walking as children of Light. Oh! How the Fire beckons today! Hear His voice from the Flame! Hear His earnest call for you and be raptured!

Fire and Love,


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