Pots of Oil


Hello all,

Greetings in the matchless Name of Jesus Christ! As we sit at the dining room table to write this letter we are truly lost for words to convey all that we’ve experienced in the presence of his glory. We consider it a great privilege to travel the nations & to connect people to HIM through releasing the sound, preaching the gospel, laying the hands on the sick…

Here is a synopsis of recent happenings

For those of you who don’t yet know we are now under the covering of Dan and Marti Duke of Call to the Nations and Rolland and Heidi Baker of Iris Global Ministries. We could not be more honored to walk among these heroes of the faith.

We have a new website! www.thegodbreed.org. You can learn more about how we are fathering local gathering as well as a global movement. You will find blogs, listen to podcasts, watch vodcasts, email us, and even donate. We have worked so hard to put this together. It is truly a valuable resource. Please spread the word.

As a movement, God has truly taken us around world. This last season has been a time of massive acceleration. Besides our beloved nation, we have ministered in- Brazil, Canada, Germany, Holland, Micronesia, Mozambique, Singapore, South Africa, & South Korea. In the approaching months we will be going back to Brazil, Canada, Mozambique, South Africa, South Korea and a first to us… the Congo.

We have spent a great deal of this time teaching & training in the Iris Global Schools of the Harvest & in YWAM Missions Schools; equipping a new breed of missionaries to be released across the earth- fearless layed-down lovers of Jesus that know a love that has no boundaries. We join with the willing- willing to lay their lives down to go after the broken & lost in the most dangerous & darkest places of the earth. We are alos doing meetings ourselves, leading worship, preaching in conferences & gatherings, releasing the manifest presence of God.

In January of 2015 we will go into the Republic of the Congo… to worship in the warzone. We will join with the few on the ground that are rescuing child soldiers & recovering children from brothels.

PARTNERS are our Pots of Oil

  • As missionaries, our family is entirely supported by love offerings & partners. We feel called to go to the ‘least of these’. Your partnership allows us to travel to impoverished regions & churches that could never afford to bring us there themselves. We are truly a MISSIONS organization. We do no ‘charge’ to preach the gospel.
  • Greater influence requires more from us as a family & a ministry. We are out on the water more than ever. Will you please pray & consider partnering with us to a greater degree? As we present ourselves as empty vessels, broken and spilled out, will you fill a pot of oil?

We thank you so much for your prayers & thank those of you that have given financially out of your own diligence already. We deeply appreciate every relationship & value each gift.

*To become a partner or give any amount go to http://www.thegodbreed.org/

Fire and Love,

Jason Lee & Regina Jones

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