Written while in Bali Indonesia

It’s madness really

My obsession is for you to fill me

With authentic Glory .. not mere words … fairytales … or others testimonies

The tangible reality that Your the Christ and You live inside of me … intimacy

That I may know you fully

And be apart of Your Story

As I behold You I am changed

As I look in the mirror of Your word

Rivers of waters that are alive wash over me

I am rearranged … I’m washed in the crystal sea

Because I see clearly now

Your drawing near me and I near you

No longer estranged but my old man exchanged for the new me

Yes you are the resurrection and the life

You speak and Your Words create .. bring light and cause regeneration … in this perfection all nations will come and find satisfaction and yet want more

Yes I’m madly in-love this is what I live for

Not to build a ministry not to build just a better me but I find this longing to only increase my intimacy … you see … the closer I get the closer I want to be … the more I learn the more I burn and yearn to be one with thee and you with me … to be a reflection of Your Glory!

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