Written while in Bali Indonesia to my Lady G

Your eyes … mystifying … beckoning … Enchanting me

From the moment these lovers first gazed

These eyes have been romancing

Stealing the stage of my attention

For these deep blues in their elegance

Mesmerize … hypnotize

And I’m baptized in your radiance

Instantly two hearts beat to the same cadence

And the dance of lovers takes hence

Come let us dance my love

Come let us dream my sweet

For our lives are but a canvas

The painting incomplete

In your eyes there are palettes of color

Worlds yet to be discovered

Light and Life and all that’s right

I find when I set my site towards you

You see through windowpanes of purity

When I lose myself and dare glimpse through your blue I’m lost in innocence and piety

You make me a better man

You call to attention my destiny

I’m forever yours


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