My Lady G

My Lady G What can be uttered

Yet again of my love for thee

It transcends nations, time, space

My heart yearns over and over again to Be with you and taste the sweetness of Every day living and giving of seconds, Minutes, of the day to day life

Obedience is better than sacrifice

The distance calls and creation groans We have a loyalty to the beckoning

To build a destiny for our family

That’s not compromised

By the culture of humanity

But the culture of the Heavenly mentality

Our king Jesus has beckoned us

To bare our necks and bow

To Herald His character, His nature

That our little ones will build on the Revelation given us by our lives laid down

What better legacy can we give

Than that of Jesus

It all ends … begins … and spins over and over in the wheel within the wheel that Keeps turning and burning and yearning For the nations to be filled with the Knowledge of His Glory .. of His story!!! Let the destiny of our family bleed the Love of Jesus testimony … that is the Spirit of prophecy … All of my love is for thee … Yours Eternally


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