When I’m with you

Written for my Lady G

Slowly we descend and end the journey through the nations, clouds, turbulence, restlessness …

The wings finding the balance and with every bump my heart is anticipating the moment when I will see

My Lady G

Yeah I’ve heard it said there is no place like home and I identify because when I’m with you I become fully alive

You were pulled from my side and when I’m with you I am whole

Truth be told nothing is as beautiful as when I’m with you!

I’m your red balloon and I feel the tug of you drawing me calling me

Time to come home

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Written while in Bali Indonesia

It’s madness really

My obsession is for you to fill me

With authentic Glory .. not mere words … fairytales … or others testimonies

The tangible reality that Your the Christ and You live inside of me … intimacy

That I may know you fully

And be apart of Your Story

As I behold You I am changed

As I look in the mirror of Your word

Rivers of waters that are alive wash over me

I am rearranged … I’m washed in the crystal sea

Because I see clearly now

Your drawing near me and I near you

No longer estranged but my old man exchanged for the new me

Yes you are the resurrection and the life

You speak and Your Words create .. bring light and cause regeneration … in this perfection all nations will come and find satisfaction and yet want more

Yes I’m madly in-love this is what I live for

Not to build a ministry not to build just a better me but I find this longing to only increase my intimacy … you see … the closer I get the closer I want to be … the more I learn the more I burn and yearn to be one with thee and you with me … to be a reflection of Your Glory!

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Written while in Bali Indonesia to my Lady G

Your eyes … mystifying … beckoning … Enchanting me

From the moment these lovers first gazed

These eyes have been romancing

Stealing the stage of my attention

For these deep blues in their elegance

Mesmerize … hypnotize

And I’m baptized in your radiance

Instantly two hearts beat to the same cadence

And the dance of lovers takes hence

Come let us dance my love

Come let us dream my sweet

For our lives are but a canvas

The painting incomplete

In your eyes there are palettes of color

Worlds yet to be discovered

Light and Life and all that’s right

I find when I set my site towards you

You see through windowpanes of purity

When I lose myself and dare glimpse through your blue I’m lost in innocence and piety

You make me a better man

You call to attention my destiny

I’m forever yours


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Seated in Infinity

Written while with the Jakarta House of Prayer in Indonesia

You dwell in eternity seated in infinity

And yet your thoughts are on me and Your Glory is lifting me … higher

I lift my eyes and behold your beauty

And I am raptured … captured over and over

With Holy

Infinite … Transcendent … Resplendent

When I see you I’m confident

Of Your love for me

Your beauty unveiled envelops

And I am arrested by radiance

Fragrance is released from Your being

And I simply yield and I’m lost in Your pleasure

In this place I’m fully alive though it’s only a measure for your beauty is eternal

And I respond to the mystery and I journey deeper

Lost in Blue

Written while in Pemba Mozambique for my Lady G

What can I say

What can be expressed in simple word play

I got lost in blue

Drowning In the immensity of your love for me

And embracing the intensity of that endless sea

Of your your blue eyes

They see into my soul and I come alive

You’re love makes me thrive and dream

Dream big dreams

Because it would seem that when

I see your eyes look at me I can do anything

I am your King and you my Queen


Photo Credit: http://www.michellelynnmorris.com/

Can you see?

Written while in Pemba Mozambique Africa while in the bush bush…

Can you see, Can you see,

Can your eyes perceive

That creation is screaming

For those who believe

For those who perceive

To show up, to grow up

And love the one who seeks

For authentic love

They are not a project nor an object

But a person created in the image of

The Godhead

Can you see, Can you see

Can your eyes perceive

That the nations are raging

And creation anticipating

For those who perceive