Sweet Ecstasy

There are those moments of complete ecstasy in Your love for me

When Your kindness overtakes me

So overwhelming I almost can’t bare the immensity

I heard it said “what is man that You are mindful of me”

How can I wrap language around this intimacy … beauty … Glory … the delicacy

Of partaking of You who is Holy! Holy! Holy! The Transcendence You’re other than me!!! I want to live totally present in this essence … never miss a moment to give my whole self in reverence!

My Lady G

My Lady G What can be uttered

Yet again of my love for thee

It transcends nations, time, space

My heart yearns over and over again to Be with you and taste the sweetness of Every day living and giving of seconds, Minutes, of the day to day life

Obedience is better than sacrifice

The distance calls and creation groans We have a loyalty to the beckoning

To build a destiny for our family

That’s not compromised

By the culture of humanity

But the culture of the Heavenly mentality

Our king Jesus has beckoned us

To bare our necks and bow

To Herald His character, His nature

That our little ones will build on the Revelation given us by our lives laid down

What better legacy can we give

Than that of Jesus

It all ends … begins … and spins over and over in the wheel within the wheel that Keeps turning and burning and yearning For the nations to be filled with the Knowledge of His Glory .. of His story!!! Let the destiny of our family bleed the Love of Jesus testimony … that is the Spirit of prophecy … All of my love is for thee … Yours Eternally


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He Who Bled Red #erasethehate

Jason Lee Jones and Regina E. Jones

October 2017

How do I begin this dissertation?

Do I dare strike a cord of dissonance in this nation,

To hopefully bring a resounding resonance of truth?

I’m not worried about being relevant because I believe that it’s evident-

That. Doesn’t. Work.

At its essence, common sense recognizes


Yes, we all bleed red.

So, let’s erase the hate.

He who bled red,

JESUS said,

‘They will know us by our love’.

What is the enemy after? The Image.

He wants to destroy the image of God.

There is a line of scrimmage in the sand,

And It demands a stance!

Let it be LOVE. Jesus is LOVE!


Revelation without application

Is an abomination to the human race.

You see, if we as believers of Jesus don’t respond accurately

To the situation that surrounds us, see,

Then we miss an opportunity to seize with authentic love.

What is the problem actually?

Factually, we know there is racism.

We can’t deny it or try to hide it;

Side step out of it

It’s all practically cannibalism

We are eating our own species,

But thats not all there is

You see,

The facts remain;

Apartheid, fascism, socialism, rightism aren’t hiding but hidden plain.

There is still segregation, discrimination,

Racial stratification, body’s burning,

Sex trafficking’,

Child soldiers being given machine guns: taught to hate and point by the evil perverter;

The enemy.

Who is the enemy?

We come up with different titles,

Names, identities,

But these are all scabs of a deeper infective

With the goal to leave us stone cold in a rocky tomb for eternity.

That’s the enemy’s directive.

Still, our enemy is not people, see.

It’s evil!

It creeps in different names, and horrific games, yet at the end

It’s still the same root… evil!

Villainous, iniquitous,

Exceeding immoral

and malevolent

Now excuse my vent.

Racial cleansing is not ending by more programs, politics, religiosity.

It’s an atrocity to think these have the ability to defeat this enemy!

We, you and me, who are characterized by the Name of Jesus have to look higher.

Not through fractured lens, hoping for some dividend.

Lens offering a perverted view and end,

But we have to ascend… higher.

Higher perspective. Higher directive.

This and only this will be effective.

At its essence, common sense recognizes


Yes, we all bleed red.

So, let’s erase the hate.

He who bled red,

JESUS said,

‘They will know us by our love’.

What is the enemy after? The Image.

He wants to destroy the image of God.

There is a line of scrimmage in the sand,

And It demands a stance!

Let it be LOVE. Jesus is LOVE!


Men with faulty notions, stand pointing machine guns into oceans… of people

The very spirit of murder flying its flag to eradicate the image.

Will fallacy remain on display? When will truth liberate?

See, faulty reasoning lies in wait.

This evil is possessing the nations … yes that’s it … the enemy of our souls is after the image …

But this visible impression

Is NOT at his discretion.

Away with ambiguities let’s dig a bit. Discredit it.

‘cause you have an advocate!

Move the earth under your boot,

Dig until you hit gold that divulges the root.

Every human being was created, fashioned, and molded in the image of God

Who. Is. Love.

At the ROOT of it all

It’s not about black or white,

The color or contour of your skin,

It all ends and begins IN you,

Who were created in image of God,

Wired for sound,

The sound of Heaven.

Created to know love, and be loved by your creator!

Your interior is not inferior on the contrary.

It’s a myriad of mysteries purely intimidating the ugliest of beasts.

Now dawn your specs and get it correct.

We have to change our lens.

If we want to begin … to find a viable means to an end.

It seems everybody’s trippin’ … flippin’ …

And we keep slippin’ … over the stumbling block

As the clock tic tocks away

While we’re stuck on bandaids,

This trauma’s bleedin’ out.

The answer is slippin’,

There’s a better way

No doubt.

At its essence, common sense recognizes


Yes, we all bleed red.

So, let’s erase the hate.

He who bled red,

JESUS said,

‘They will know us by our love’.

What is the enemy after? The Image.

He wants to destroy the image of God.

There is a line of scrimmage in the sand,

And It demands a stance!

Let it be LOVE. Jesus is LOVE!


There is an echo resounding from eternity

Beckoning you and me to fix our eyes towards the sky

It’s the Fruit of the spirit can’t you hear it

This all ends and begins in Jesus

That should be our response

That should be our manifesto

It’s not just another choice

It’s not just rules to live by

It is the explicit manifestation and the legit revelation

That we are not of the world!

At its essence, common sense recognizes


Yes, we all bleed red.

So, let’s erase the hate.

He who bled red,

JESUS said,

‘They will know us by our love’.

What is the enemy after? The Image.

He wants to destroy the image of God.

There is a line of scrimmage in the sand,

And It demands a stance!

Let it be LOVE. Jesus is LOVE!


Photo Credit: http://www.michellelynnmorris.com/

Pots of Oil


Hello all,

Greetings in the matchless Name of Jesus Christ! As we sit at the dining room table to write this letter we are truly lost for words to convey all that we’ve experienced in the presence of his glory. We consider it a great privilege to travel the nations & to connect people to HIM through releasing the sound, preaching the gospel, laying the hands on the sick…

Here is a synopsis of recent happenings

For those of you who don’t yet know we are now under the covering of Dan and Marti Duke of Call to the Nations and Rolland and Heidi Baker of Iris Global Ministries. We could not be more honored to walk among these heroes of the faith.

We have a new website! www.thegodbreed.org. You can learn more about how we are fathering local gathering as well as a global movement. You will find blogs, listen to podcasts, watch vodcasts, email us, and even donate. We have worked so hard to put this together. It is truly a valuable resource. Please spread the word.

As a movement, God has truly taken us around world. This last season has been a time of massive acceleration. Besides our beloved nation, we have ministered in- Brazil, Canada, Germany, Holland, Micronesia, Mozambique, Singapore, South Africa, & South Korea. In the approaching months we will be going back to Brazil, Canada, Mozambique, South Africa, South Korea and a first to us… the Congo.

We have spent a great deal of this time teaching & training in the Iris Global Schools of the Harvest & in YWAM Missions Schools; equipping a new breed of missionaries to be released across the earth- fearless layed-down lovers of Jesus that know a love that has no boundaries. We join with the willing- willing to lay their lives down to go after the broken & lost in the most dangerous & darkest places of the earth. We are alos doing meetings ourselves, leading worship, preaching in conferences & gatherings, releasing the manifest presence of God.

In January of 2015 we will go into the Republic of the Congo… to worship in the warzone. We will join with the few on the ground that are rescuing child soldiers & recovering children from brothels.

PARTNERS are our Pots of Oil

  • As missionaries, our family is entirely supported by love offerings & partners. We feel called to go to the ‘least of these’. Your partnership allows us to travel to impoverished regions & churches that could never afford to bring us there themselves. We are truly a MISSIONS organization. We do no ‘charge’ to preach the gospel.
  • Greater influence requires more from us as a family & a ministry. We are out on the water more than ever. Will you please pray & consider partnering with us to a greater degree? As we present ourselves as empty vessels, broken and spilled out, will you fill a pot of oil?

We thank you so much for your prayers & thank those of you that have given financially out of your own diligence already. We deeply appreciate every relationship & value each gift.

*To become a partner or give any amount go to http://www.thegodbreed.org/

Fire and Love,

Jason Lee & Regina Jones

A Squeaking Truck, African Skies, and a Love Personified

A Squeaking Truck, African Skies, and a Love Personified


The squeaking of the truck fills my ears and my heart is full with anticipation of the unknown…literally unfolding every second. Dirt and sweat overwhelm my senses. I breathe deep and remind myself, “I was born for this!”

As I write this, I remember so many moments when I would sing and play, “Wherever you lead me, I will go!” Now, I find myself in Mozambique, in the back of a well digging truck with my new friends, Marta, Silverio, and Saibo, traveling for almost ten hours to go and bring the Kingdom of Heaven to an unreached people group in Palma. The tribe will be gathering soon, so we are driving at full speed, feeling every imperfection of the road to reach our destination.

I look out at my stunning view of breathtaking African skies. The bush hiding behind it so many whom have never heard the message of Jesus. I am privileged, in this moment, to gather with those laid down lovers who brave the bush and find these hidden treasures. The African sky dims, and before long, we are in thick darkness with only the headlights to guide us.

My excitement intensifies with every bump…

Every slide of the truck back and forth…

I close my eyes in trust, lift my hands, and worship!

Suddenly, we come to a full stop! I peer out and see a gathering. The portable screen placed on the back of a truck plays African dance videos, and the people come from everywhere to see. Soon, the Jesus movie will play, and they will see on the screen, many for the first time, the story of Jesus laying down His life.

I want to live fully alive in every second…

I want to identify with the reality that this tribe lives in every day…

For this moment in time, our stories cross paths!

This is amazing! So many nations have gathered to join this team. From across the globe, they have given up everything. Many sold all of their possessions to come and plant their lives in the dirt of Mozambique to find the pearl of great price. And we’re all gathered, here, together. All of our lives for a brief moment in time, gathered in unity for one purpose. JESUS!!!

The movie begins and the Tribe begins to react vocally, just as Jesus is being crucified. The children cry out with every strike upon Jesus’ body. This unfathomable act of love, displayed on screen, transcends; hearts respond; and I watch in awe. Heidi takes the microphone and begins to tell the story of the Good Samaritan. So much love is released, as she shares of the Greatest Love of All.

I have personally only seen few in our generation walk in such personified love as Rolland and Heidi Baker. I have heard the stories for years and watched the testimonies via YouTube. But now, I am here in the bush, in the flesh, and I watch Jesus with skin on. A woman of God possessed with the authentic love of Jesus and just as Jesus was planted in the earth and was the first born of many brethren, I see a woman giving her life in the dirt and God using her as a Sign and Wonder to gather a nation.

She calls one of her many sons, whom is twelve years old, to the front. She asks him to pray and ask God what He wants to do. The little boy states that God wants to heal deaf ears. The call goes out, and a young woman brings up her daughter to be prayed for. The twelve-year-old boy lays hands on the girl. Her ears open and her mother with all those gathered lift their voices in praise!

The first sound this little girl heard was the sound of worship to the One!

Then an eleven-year-old boy calls out for those with problems in their feet. Two older ladies respond, and within moments, they begin to run and leap and praise God!

Very possibly for the first time ever…

This tribe lifted their voice in worship to God…

The Father has waited for this moment for all eternity!

I think it is so surreal that we traveled to Palma in a well digging truck. I am reminded of when David wanted a drink of water from Bethlehem, and his mighty men fought the Philistine garrison and brought it back. David couldn’t even drink it, as these men offered their lives to retrieve this water. Witnessing Heidi and so many, whom have laid down their lives to get a drink of water from Mozambique in this remote village of Palma and offer it to the Father as offering, is life changing.

Where is your Palma? It is your family; workplace, school, or maybe it is another nation. Wherever the place…this is the key; a life laid down in love! When you fall in love you will go to the ends of he earth or the end of your street for the one you in love with. Fall in love with Jesus and dive headfirst and be fully alive in every moment!

Fire and Love,

Jason Lee Jones


A Pool of Tears, Transcendent Worship, and The Father’s Delight

A Pool of Tears, Transcendent Worship, and The Father’s Delight

Knees bowed, heart raw, dripping in a pool of tears. Completely lost in translation, yet very much comfortable. A foreign land, songs sung in another language, and completely lost in words not understood, however running deep, deep to the bone.

The worship leader weeps. I fall further to the floor. The authentic voice, so rich, it beckons deeper. Lost and burning in His Arms, in the Father’s embrace. Lost but found, often here, but rest assured in this uncertainty. The mystery that draws deep in finding Him and knowing it’s all about HIM.

True worship transcends, surpassing language, reaching beyond words on a screen, lights beaming, smoke bellowing, and the newest sound system pulsating. Bypassing religious activity, pomp and circumstance, hype and high energy. Knowing there’s nothing wrong with new innovation and excellence, striving to know one’s craft, and reaching for a greater creativity in communication, but proceeding with caution, as a right heart can lead to the wrong application, simply by getting lost in the all the ‘stuff’.

True worship begins with a matter of the heart. A raw and intimate love engulfed in heartfelt emotions, reaching the heights of Heaven and permeating the heart of the Father. A magnificent authenticity expressed for the sole reason of our creation, ALL for HIM and completely about HIM.

At the core, true worship, vulnerable, from a place of deepest heartfelt emotion. So tender, it cuts through to the stone cold heart and links directly to Heaven. God given emotions, connecting with Him, so He can speak to us and through us. Embrace this emotion when mixed with the Truth.

A step further, takes worship to a lifestyle, not found in a song or a message. These are mere expressions of worship, but not true worship. Found in our lives laid down. I believe this is the emphasis of the Psalmist when he wrote, You do not delight in sacrifice, or I would bring it; 
 you do not take pleasure in burnt offerings. My sacrifice, O God, is a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart you, God, will not despise.”  Psalm 51:16-17

The Father is after our heart. He is after our deepest emotions, jealous for our eyes and thoughts. He is not merely after our one-hour bible study, Sunday morning service, Wednesday night gathering. He is not after our religious duty and acts of kindness. Things needed and necessary, but if done without heart, simply become meaningless. This is what the Psalmist means when he states, “You don’t delight in sacrifice, or I would bring it…” but then he gives us the key, “My sacrifice, O God, is a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart you, God, will not despise.”

Our sacrifice mixed with heart is irresistible to God. It is His delight!  Everything we do should be from a place of a heart in connection with God. Everything we do should be from the revelation of a heart that has been redeemed. Worship in spirit and in truth, from playing an instrument to giving a glass of water! Expressions of love mixed with heart transcend the activity and allows Heaven to kiss earth and give God delight!

Fire and Love,


A Bonfire, A Sound, and an Intense Desire

A Bonfire, A Sound, and an Intense Desire

Enticed by an invitation. Drawn by a warmth, a light. Mesmerized by a dance of color, the eye catching every flicker. Senses deeply fascinated and intrigued by its mystery. Fire, dangerous yet divine, comforting yet fearful, consuming all it encounters. Demanding respect and awe, it kindles and kills, yet beckons every time.

Recently moving to Savannah, Georgia and blessed with a huge back yard, perfect for bon fires, we had some people over and built a beautiful fire. It wasn’t long before every person made their way and gathered around this phenomenon that compelled all. Eventually going inside to clean up a bit, the fire caught my eye from a distance; it called to me. Making my way back to the fire, I was astonished as all those gathered were worshiping Jesus. From the place of the fire came a sound that released the love of Jesus and consumed every fiber of my being. I was raptured.

No wonder Moses had to “turn aside to see.”  The fire beckoned! It called to him! It touched his senses on such a dimension he stopped his agenda and was drawn to its call. Just imagine that moment! Moses drawing near, realizing he was on Holy ground. I love his response! Taking off his sandals, stripping himself of his former walk, he steps closer. OHHHH!!! Closer to the flame!!! This fire was unlike any Moses had ever encountered. It was alive. It was God Himself! A manifestation of the Presence of God, Divinity releasing destiny. A Theophany! And it called to him, “Moses!” And It calls to US today!

Yes! The Fire beckons today! It calls to our deepest desire, consuming all that keeps us from drawing near. It demands our attention! God is Fire! His Fire is His intense desire in manifestation. From the fire comes a sound, the sound of God’s jealousy for our heart. It’s the sound of the very heart of Heaven for His children to “turn aside.” Turn aside from every distraction, from every sin that easily besets us, and take off our sandals, leaving the old walk and walking as children of Light. Oh! How the Fire beckons today! Hear His voice from the Flame! Hear His earnest call for you and be raptured!

Fire and Love,