Pots of Oil


Hello all,

Greetings in the matchless Name of Jesus Christ! As we sit at the dining room table to write this letter we are truly lost for words to convey all that we’ve experienced in the presence of his glory. We consider it a great privilege to travel the nations & to connect people to HIM through releasing the sound, preaching the gospel, laying the hands on the sick…

Here is a synopsis of recent happenings

For those of you who don’t yet know we are now under the covering of Dan and Marti Duke of Call to the Nations and Rolland and Heidi Baker of Iris Global Ministries. We could not be more honored to walk among these heroes of the faith.

We have a new website! www.thegodbreed.org. You can learn more about how we are fathering local gathering as well as a global movement. You will find blogs, listen to podcasts, watch vodcasts, email us, and even donate. We have worked so hard to put this together. It is truly a valuable resource. Please spread the word.

As a movement, God has truly taken us around world. This last season has been a time of massive acceleration. Besides our beloved nation, we have ministered in- Brazil, Canada, Germany, Holland, Micronesia, Mozambique, Singapore, South Africa, & South Korea. In the approaching months we will be going back to Brazil, Canada, Mozambique, South Africa, South Korea and a first to us… the Congo.

We have spent a great deal of this time teaching & training in the Iris Global Schools of the Harvest & in YWAM Missions Schools; equipping a new breed of missionaries to be released across the earth- fearless layed-down lovers of Jesus that know a love that has no boundaries. We join with the willing- willing to lay their lives down to go after the broken & lost in the most dangerous & darkest places of the earth. We are alos doing meetings ourselves, leading worship, preaching in conferences & gatherings, releasing the manifest presence of God.

In January of 2015 we will go into the Republic of the Congo… to worship in the warzone. We will join with the few on the ground that are rescuing child soldiers & recovering children from brothels.

PARTNERS are our Pots of Oil

  • As missionaries, our family is entirely supported by love offerings & partners. We feel called to go to the ‘least of these’. Your partnership allows us to travel to impoverished regions & churches that could never afford to bring us there themselves. We are truly a MISSIONS organization. We do no ‘charge’ to preach the gospel.
  • Greater influence requires more from us as a family & a ministry. We are out on the water more than ever. Will you please pray & consider partnering with us to a greater degree? As we present ourselves as empty vessels, broken and spilled out, will you fill a pot of oil?

We thank you so much for your prayers & thank those of you that have given financially out of your own diligence already. We deeply appreciate every relationship & value each gift.

*To become a partner or give any amount go to http://www.thegodbreed.org/

Fire and Love,

Jason Lee & Regina Jones

A Squeaking Truck, African Skies, and a Love Personified

A Squeaking Truck, African Skies, and a Love Personified


The squeaking of the truck fills my ears and my heart is full with anticipation of the unknown…literally unfolding every second. Dirt and sweat overwhelm my senses. I breathe deep and remind myself, “I was born for this!”

As I write this, I remember so many moments when I would sing and play, “Wherever you lead me, I will go!” Now, I find myself in Mozambique, in the back of a well digging truck with my new friends, Marta, Silverio, and Saibo, traveling for almost ten hours to go and bring the Kingdom of Heaven to an unreached people group in Palma. The tribe will be gathering soon, so we are driving at full speed, feeling every imperfection of the road to reach our destination.

I look out at my stunning view of breathtaking African skies. The bush hiding behind it so many whom have never heard the message of Jesus. I am privileged, in this moment, to gather with those laid down lovers who brave the bush and find these hidden treasures. The African sky dims, and before long, we are in thick darkness with only the headlights to guide us.

My excitement intensifies with every bump…

Every slide of the truck back and forth…

I close my eyes in trust, lift my hands, and worship!

Suddenly, we come to a full stop! I peer out and see a gathering. The portable screen placed on the back of a truck plays African dance videos, and the people come from everywhere to see. Soon, the Jesus movie will play, and they will see on the screen, many for the first time, the story of Jesus laying down His life.

I want to live fully alive in every second…

I want to identify with the reality that this tribe lives in every day…

For this moment in time, our stories cross paths!

This is amazing! So many nations have gathered to join this team. From across the globe, they have given up everything. Many sold all of their possessions to come and plant their lives in the dirt of Mozambique to find the pearl of great price. And we’re all gathered, here, together. All of our lives for a brief moment in time, gathered in unity for one purpose. JESUS!!!

The movie begins and the Tribe begins to react vocally, just as Jesus is being crucified. The children cry out with every strike upon Jesus’ body. This unfathomable act of love, displayed on screen, transcends; hearts respond; and I watch in awe. Heidi takes the microphone and begins to tell the story of the Good Samaritan. So much love is released, as she shares of the Greatest Love of All.

I have personally only seen few in our generation walk in such personified love as Rolland and Heidi Baker. I have heard the stories for years and watched the testimonies via YouTube. But now, I am here in the bush, in the flesh, and I watch Jesus with skin on. A woman of God possessed with the authentic love of Jesus and just as Jesus was planted in the earth and was the first born of many brethren, I see a woman giving her life in the dirt and God using her as a Sign and Wonder to gather a nation.

She calls one of her many sons, whom is twelve years old, to the front. She asks him to pray and ask God what He wants to do. The little boy states that God wants to heal deaf ears. The call goes out, and a young woman brings up her daughter to be prayed for. The twelve-year-old boy lays hands on the girl. Her ears open and her mother with all those gathered lift their voices in praise!

The first sound this little girl heard was the sound of worship to the One!

Then an eleven-year-old boy calls out for those with problems in their feet. Two older ladies respond, and within moments, they begin to run and leap and praise God!

Very possibly for the first time ever…

This tribe lifted their voice in worship to God…

The Father has waited for this moment for all eternity!

I think it is so surreal that we traveled to Palma in a well digging truck. I am reminded of when David wanted a drink of water from Bethlehem, and his mighty men fought the Philistine garrison and brought it back. David couldn’t even drink it, as these men offered their lives to retrieve this water. Witnessing Heidi and so many, whom have laid down their lives to get a drink of water from Mozambique in this remote village of Palma and offer it to the Father as offering, is life changing.

Where is your Palma? It is your family; workplace, school, or maybe it is another nation. Wherever the place…this is the key; a life laid down in love! When you fall in love you will go to the ends of he earth or the end of your street for the one you in love with. Fall in love with Jesus and dive headfirst and be fully alive in every moment!

Fire and Love,

Jason Lee Jones


A Pool of Tears, Transcendent Worship, and The Father’s Delight

A Pool of Tears, Transcendent Worship, and The Father’s Delight

Knees bowed, heart raw, dripping in a pool of tears. Completely lost in translation, yet very much comfortable. A foreign land, songs sung in another language, and completely lost in words not understood, however running deep, deep to the bone.

The worship leader weeps. I fall further to the floor. The authentic voice, so rich, it beckons deeper. Lost and burning in His Arms, in the Father’s embrace. Lost but found, often here, but rest assured in this uncertainty. The mystery that draws deep in finding Him and knowing it’s all about HIM.

True worship transcends, surpassing language, reaching beyond words on a screen, lights beaming, smoke bellowing, and the newest sound system pulsating. Bypassing religious activity, pomp and circumstance, hype and high energy. Knowing there’s nothing wrong with new innovation and excellence, striving to know one’s craft, and reaching for a greater creativity in communication, but proceeding with caution, as a right heart can lead to the wrong application, simply by getting lost in the all the ‘stuff’.

True worship begins with a matter of the heart. A raw and intimate love engulfed in heartfelt emotions, reaching the heights of Heaven and permeating the heart of the Father. A magnificent authenticity expressed for the sole reason of our creation, ALL for HIM and completely about HIM.

At the core, true worship, vulnerable, from a place of deepest heartfelt emotion. So tender, it cuts through to the stone cold heart and links directly to Heaven. God given emotions, connecting with Him, so He can speak to us and through us. Embrace this emotion when mixed with the Truth.

A step further, takes worship to a lifestyle, not found in a song or a message. These are mere expressions of worship, but not true worship. Found in our lives laid down. I believe this is the emphasis of the Psalmist when he wrote, You do not delight in sacrifice, or I would bring it; 
 you do not take pleasure in burnt offerings. My sacrifice, O God, is a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart you, God, will not despise.”  Psalm 51:16-17

The Father is after our heart. He is after our deepest emotions, jealous for our eyes and thoughts. He is not merely after our one-hour bible study, Sunday morning service, Wednesday night gathering. He is not after our religious duty and acts of kindness. Things needed and necessary, but if done without heart, simply become meaningless. This is what the Psalmist means when he states, “You don’t delight in sacrifice, or I would bring it…” but then he gives us the key, “My sacrifice, O God, is a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart you, God, will not despise.”

Our sacrifice mixed with heart is irresistible to God. It is His delight!  Everything we do should be from a place of a heart in connection with God. Everything we do should be from the revelation of a heart that has been redeemed. Worship in spirit and in truth, from playing an instrument to giving a glass of water! Expressions of love mixed with heart transcend the activity and allows Heaven to kiss earth and give God delight!

Fire and Love,


A Bonfire, A Sound, and an Intense Desire

A Bonfire, A Sound, and an Intense Desire

Enticed by an invitation. Drawn by a warmth, a light. Mesmerized by a dance of color, the eye catching every flicker. Senses deeply fascinated and intrigued by its mystery. Fire, dangerous yet divine, comforting yet fearful, consuming all it encounters. Demanding respect and awe, it kindles and kills, yet beckons every time.

Recently moving to Savannah, Georgia and blessed with a huge back yard, perfect for bon fires, we had some people over and built a beautiful fire. It wasn’t long before every person made their way and gathered around this phenomenon that compelled all. Eventually going inside to clean up a bit, the fire caught my eye from a distance; it called to me. Making my way back to the fire, I was astonished as all those gathered were worshiping Jesus. From the place of the fire came a sound that released the love of Jesus and consumed every fiber of my being. I was raptured.

No wonder Moses had to “turn aside to see.”  The fire beckoned! It called to him! It touched his senses on such a dimension he stopped his agenda and was drawn to its call. Just imagine that moment! Moses drawing near, realizing he was on Holy ground. I love his response! Taking off his sandals, stripping himself of his former walk, he steps closer. OHHHH!!! Closer to the flame!!! This fire was unlike any Moses had ever encountered. It was alive. It was God Himself! A manifestation of the Presence of God, Divinity releasing destiny. A Theophany! And it called to him, “Moses!” And It calls to US today!

Yes! The Fire beckons today! It calls to our deepest desire, consuming all that keeps us from drawing near. It demands our attention! God is Fire! His Fire is His intense desire in manifestation. From the fire comes a sound, the sound of God’s jealousy for our heart. It’s the sound of the very heart of Heaven for His children to “turn aside.” Turn aside from every distraction, from every sin that easily besets us, and take off our sandals, leaving the old walk and walking as children of Light. Oh! How the Fire beckons today! Hear His voice from the Flame! Hear His earnest call for you and be raptured!

Fire and Love,


A Red Piano, A Little Ballerina, and A Beautiful Butterfly

A Red Piano, A Little Ballerina, and A Beautiful Butterfly

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine…Proverbs 17:22

For some time, Regina and I have been looking and asking God for a piano. There are many reasons for this, but a continuation of making our home a habitation for God is first and foremost, desiring our home to be an altar and our family to worship together, catching the Sounds of Heaven.  Never ceasing to be amazed at God’s faithfulness, a dear brother and friend, Dave Cates, found a beautiful piano and delivered it to our house!

I wasted no time! Immediately, I sat at the piano, though slightly out of tune, and began to worship, Gina and I began singing random songs. Nothing can match the raw, authentic sound of an acoustic piano, with its sound reverberating against the tile floors and bouncing off the walls throughout the entire house. I LOVE IT! I want these constant vibrations of this piano to saturate our home and for our children to see their mommy and daddy worship at the altar of God, in our home, just as much as on the platform.

Just then, out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of Faith-Tuesday twirling. My heart overjoyed as she danced before God!  Often wanting to literally pinch myself, as my life seems like a fairytale, I marveled in our family, a picture of the rescue of Jesus, yes, having our share of struggles like everyone, but having experienced the constant saving grace of God. Gathered around this beautiful red piano in our living room, we worshipped before the throne of God!

For those of you who don’t know, we adopted both of our children. Both born into horrific situations but snatched from the grips of hell by God! Where the enemy wanted Faith-Tuesday to be orphaned and helpless, here she stands, a beautiful little ballerina, dancing in the Presence of God. As I watch her spinning before Jesus, in my heart, I was taken back to a prophetic word spoken over her.

“This little Faith-Tuesday will be wrapped up with a bow and given to you…you won’t even have to work for it…she will be a gift…

This little one will be like a ballerina in a snow globe…when you worship, Jason, the snow will fall and she will dance. She will dance as you worship…”

This red piano, given by God, instantly began to give access to the very promises, He has given in our lives as a family!

Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in the presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand are pleasures forevermore. Psalm 16:11 

Faith-Tuesday is truly our gift. So many times, when people hear we adopted her, they say, “She is truly blessed to have gotten you guys as her family.” While we appreciate all of these kind words and completely understand the intentions, we are the blessed ones

With not enough room in a mere blog to recite all of the miracles in her little five-year-old life, in a nutshell, God truly wrapped her with up with a bow and gave her to us! She stopped breathing at birth; her foster mom at the time tells us how she gasped for air to stay alive.  She had a zeal for life before she even had a chance to live.

Also, born with a massive heart murmur, they planned to perform open-heart surgery, to the point of showing Regina where they would cut her open. For this reason, when we adopted her, we named her middle name Borboletta, Portuguese for Butterfly, to prophesy that God would transform her from the inside out, just like the metamorphosis of the caterpillar into the butterfly. Sure enough! God healed her heart! No surgery was needed! Her heart is perfect and she is our little butterfly.

So here I am witnessing the manifestation of the promise of heaven before my very eyes. A little butterfly flying on the winds of Heaven, as I play my red piano!

From when we first adopted her and to this very day, Faith-Tuesday laughs. She laughs at night, as she going to bed. She laughs in the morning when she wakes up. So one day, I asked the Lord about this. He said, “She is your Merry Heart!” Truly God healed her heart, inside and out.

The Bible tells us in Proverbs 17:22 A merry heart does good like a medicine.  I am not sure of your situation today, but one thing is for sure, “In His presence there is fullness of joy!” Dive into His presence, allowing the metamorphosis of your heart to heal you from the inside out and give you the wings of freedom to FLY!


Gethsemane, A Roaring, and A Question

Gethsemane, A Roaring, and A Question

“My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? Why art thou so far from helping me, and from the words of my roaring?” Psalm 22:1

“For Plaintive expressions uprising from unutterable depths of woe we may say of this Psalm, “there is none like it.” It is the photograph of our Lord’s saddest hours, the record of His dying words…” Spurgeon on Psalm 22

Alas, it has been some time since I have sat fingers to the keyboard. Not because the Lord hasn’t been speaking to my heart, but honestly, every time I sit to express my feeling, I am at a loss. Believe it or not, many times I find it difficult to wrap words around these feelings. Those of you who know me personally will find the humor in that.

I am now sitting in a restaurant in Paragominas, Brazil, people all around me eating their breakfast, going about their day, and yet in my spirit, I am in Gethsemane, the “Olive Press”. My heart hasn’t left this place of the “Olive Press” for some time now. I constantly find my heart slipping into that place, the most vulnerable state we ever find Jesus, where He Himself states, “My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death.” Matt 26:36

Gethsemane is truly a photograph of our suffering Savior. Luke tells us that He prayed, “Father, if You are willing, take this cup from me, yet not My will, but Yours be done.”  As Jesus prayed, it was so intense, His sweat was like drops of blood to the ground!

What was this cup? Was it the nails He would soon feel in His wrist? Was it the crown of thorns they would force on His brow? Was it the words that would be vomited at Him? As excruciatingly painful as that had to be, as we have only seen in part displayed in many movies and church productions, I don’t believe that is what Jesus was agonizing over in Gethsemane, the place of pressing, the place of crushing!

All of those things would be mere drops in the bucket compared to the cup that Jesus would drink, the cup of death, the cup of separation, mere moments away.  The price He would pay in place of fallen man. The moment when God, the Father of Eternity, would turn His Face from His Son, and His Son would roar in anguish!  “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? Why art thou so far from helping me, and from the words of my roaring?”

In this, Psalm 22, David was allowed to peer through a prophetic window and experience with Jesus, the pangs of death. Every time I read these words, my heart groans within me. Does one even venture into the truth of this “sound,” this “roar of anguish” from the Darling of Heaven? You see, every other time Jesus refers to God, He refers to Him as Father, but at this very moment, the moment Jesus becomes sin, the moment He’s separated from His Father, He refers to Him as God.

To a Son He is Father…to a sinner He is a God.

The Triune being never knew separation; they have always been one. Jesus never tasted sin, nor did Jesus ever know a fallen state. Man, however, found himself bankrupt and in a state of death, therefore, Jesus said He would pay the price before the foundation of the world! (Rev 13:8) He would die a sinner’s death, and for the first time in Eternity, the Son would be separated from His Father!

Jesus prayed in John 17 that we would know that type of love. That the Love that is in God would be in us, and we would know no separation! This is an astonishing truth! This desire drove Jesus to leave the corridors of Heaven and put on flesh to die in our place. Jesus was born to die!

Part of me believes, as Jesus was in that garden, not only was He looking toward the cross, but also His thoughts had to return to the first Garden, the Garden of Eden. Our story begins and ends with a Garden…first, in a place of paradise, a place of communion, the very place where Divinity and Humanity share sweet intimacy…and finally, where Jesus would bend His will to the will of the Father and die on a cross.

Jesus, being God in the flesh, had to have remembered in that instant, the very moment He entered the garden to have communion with His first son, Adam, only to find him in hiding. What a horrible day that had to be when the Creator came to meet with His creation, to find them hiding in their shame and sin!

“Where are you?” echoed throughout eternity as God’s voice ached for His beloved creation. God, being Omniscient, had to know where they were; I believe He wanted them to know where they were, as well. They were lost. They were empty. They were naked and hiding! And this is the very reason why Jesus came, to be a breach between the Father and His creation! Jesus paid a very high price to reunite Humanity and Divinity.

From this very place, I encourage you all to read Psalm 22. Dare to peer through the looking glass of prophetic history and see Jesus, hear the Pain of His Roaring! This is the “sound of separation.” Jesus, being our example and perfect theology, should make us long in desperation to have no place of separation in our lives.

I pray that we would all long and groan for His presence! We were made for this, to know the Love of God and be united in His Presence. Just as Jesus roared and cried out for God when He experienced death, we, too, should be miserable without Him! I pray as you read this now, hear the words of our Father God crying, “Where are you?” And instead of running and hiding, walk through Jesus and run to Him!

In His Fire,


A Prostitute, A Kiss on the Forehead, and a Limitless Love

A Prostitute, A Kiss on the Forehead, and a Limitless Love

Rich with presence, heart pounding inside my chest, I stare out at a room full of people encountering the purifying Fire of God. Overwhelmed, I pause a moment to see what my next move should be…or if I should do anything at all.

My gaze suddenly turns to a Brazilian woman sitting on the front row with hands lifted and eyes pointed toward the Heavens.  I began declaring over her, as my translator repeats my words, “The Father says you are beautiful!” Her heart melts with love. She begins to weep uncontrollably.  Compelled, I countlessly repeat these words over and over.  Wave after wave, the Father’s love and compassion pours over this precious woman.

As the meeting closes and we go grab a bite to eat, the Pastor informs me that this particular woman prostituted her life for twenty years. My eyes immediately fill with tears, as I think of that Holy Moment. The moment when God, in front of an entire congregation of people, displayed His unconditional, undeniable love over who some would regard as unworthy.

Some years back, we received word that a close family friend was on her deathbed. I knew her for most of my life. Truly she was an amazing woman and dear to our hearts. In her younger years, she found herself living a very promiscuous lifestyle filled with drinking, drugs and eventually what led to adultery. Time after time her husband received her back, time after time she fell back into what seemed like a never-ending battle.

Eventually she regained control of her life, but only to find she had contracted AIDS. Fighting this for years, eventually we all found our selves visiting her in a hospital room. Putting up a strong fight, her eyes were tired, her skin hung lifeless on her bones. I was speechless. Her husband, whom she’d cheated on and left so many times, embraced her face, kissed her forehead, and declared, “I love you!” What a display of unconditional, undeniable love!

You may read these examples and think, ‘Wow! What touching stories!’ Let’s bring it closer to home, after all don’t we each have our own individual story? Both examples are pictures of people trying to fill a void in their hearts. By no means am I making excuses for sin, but looking beyond the acts of the flesh and into the heart. I’m looking into a heart that’s empty and longing for intimacy, an intimacy that was lost as sin entered and brought a separation from a Holy God.

Reminded of Jesus’ encounter with the woman at the well recently in a meeting with Randall Worley, my eyes opened to a whole new view of this scripture, provoking me to dive in deeper and find the hidden manna. As you walk through the scriptures, many times when a man encountered a woman at a well, he found his bride.

Here, a prophetic picture, Jesus encounters His Bride, the Church, at a well. This woman had five husbands, yet the one she was with at present was not her husband. She had come to the well at the sixth hour, six being the number of man in his limited state. She had come alone at that hour to avoid the criticism and mocking of the other ladies. To her surprise she encountered the Husband she had been searching for all along.

This encounter led her to realize the depravity of her life. She was tapped. She was at her limit. Then came the invitation from Jesus, her messiah. to drink from a well who’s depths are unsearchable.  This lady at the well is most definitely a picture of all of us at some point in our lives. If we were brutally honest, we would come to the place to admit our own spiritual depravity and even adultery. Let’s go to our own well, if you will, and instead meet with Jesus, the answer to the deep chasm  in our hearts. His Love is LIMITLESS.

Jesus came to the well first and waited her arrival. He took the initiative.  God has always taken the fist step. He came to the garden and cried, “Adam where are you?” He came from Heaven to earth to seek and to save! His Love knows no limits!

Here I sit in Florianopolis Brazil amazed in thought today, as I ponder these stories and know God’s perfect love knows no boundaries. It bursts forth from the heart of the Ancient One and breaks through boundaries of time and space to meet us where we are today! Let us examine our own hearts and allow His Word to come and divide the soul from the spirit, locating the deep needs for His Grace. He responds to the willing heart, “You will never thirst again!”