A Squeaking Truck, African Skies, and a Love Personified

A Squeaking Truck, African Skies, and a Love Personified


The squeaking of the truck fills my ears and my heart is full with anticipation of the unknown…literally unfolding every second. Dirt and sweat overwhelm my senses. I breathe deep and remind myself, “I was born for this!”

As I write this, I remember so many moments when I would sing and play, “Wherever you lead me, I will go!” Now, I find myself in Mozambique, in the back of a well digging truck with my new friends, Marta, Silverio, and Saibo, traveling for almost ten hours to go and bring the Kingdom of Heaven to an unreached people group in Palma. The tribe will be gathering soon, so we are driving at full speed, feeling every imperfection of the road to reach our destination.

I look out at my stunning view of breathtaking African skies. The bush hiding behind it so many whom have never heard the message of Jesus. I am privileged, in this moment, to gather with those laid down lovers who brave the bush and find these hidden treasures. The African sky dims, and before long, we are in thick darkness with only the headlights to guide us.

My excitement intensifies with every bump…

Every slide of the truck back and forth…

I close my eyes in trust, lift my hands, and worship!

Suddenly, we come to a full stop! I peer out and see a gathering. The portable screen placed on the back of a truck plays African dance videos, and the people come from everywhere to see. Soon, the Jesus movie will play, and they will see on the screen, many for the first time, the story of Jesus laying down His life.

I want to live fully alive in every second…

I want to identify with the reality that this tribe lives in every day…

For this moment in time, our stories cross paths!

This is amazing! So many nations have gathered to join this team. From across the globe, they have given up everything. Many sold all of their possessions to come and plant their lives in the dirt of Mozambique to find the pearl of great price. And we’re all gathered, here, together. All of our lives for a brief moment in time, gathered in unity for one purpose. JESUS!!!

The movie begins and the Tribe begins to react vocally, just as Jesus is being crucified. The children cry out with every strike upon Jesus’ body. This unfathomable act of love, displayed on screen, transcends; hearts respond; and I watch in awe. Heidi takes the microphone and begins to tell the story of the Good Samaritan. So much love is released, as she shares of the Greatest Love of All.

I have personally only seen few in our generation walk in such personified love as Rolland and Heidi Baker. I have heard the stories for years and watched the testimonies via YouTube. But now, I am here in the bush, in the flesh, and I watch Jesus with skin on. A woman of God possessed with the authentic love of Jesus and just as Jesus was planted in the earth and was the first born of many brethren, I see a woman giving her life in the dirt and God using her as a Sign and Wonder to gather a nation.

She calls one of her many sons, whom is twelve years old, to the front. She asks him to pray and ask God what He wants to do. The little boy states that God wants to heal deaf ears. The call goes out, and a young woman brings up her daughter to be prayed for. The twelve-year-old boy lays hands on the girl. Her ears open and her mother with all those gathered lift their voices in praise!

The first sound this little girl heard was the sound of worship to the One!

Then an eleven-year-old boy calls out for those with problems in their feet. Two older ladies respond, and within moments, they begin to run and leap and praise God!

Very possibly for the first time ever…

This tribe lifted their voice in worship to God…

The Father has waited for this moment for all eternity!

I think it is so surreal that we traveled to Palma in a well digging truck. I am reminded of when David wanted a drink of water from Bethlehem, and his mighty men fought the Philistine garrison and brought it back. David couldn’t even drink it, as these men offered their lives to retrieve this water. Witnessing Heidi and so many, whom have laid down their lives to get a drink of water from Mozambique in this remote village of Palma and offer it to the Father as offering, is life changing.

Where is your Palma? It is your family; workplace, school, or maybe it is another nation. Wherever the place…this is the key; a life laid down in love! When you fall in love you will go to the ends of he earth or the end of your street for the one you in love with. Fall in love with Jesus and dive headfirst and be fully alive in every moment!

Fire and Love,

Jason Lee Jones